Jected Rivals

Jected Rivals

Dive right into the crazy mix of extreme sports, vehicular destruction and break-neck speeds in a winner-takes-all elimination tournament between 18 players. Master the unique ejection mechanic allowing you to take to the skies to leave your rivals in the rear-view!

I joined Pow Wow Entertainment during the final steps of this project in January 2023, while the release was accomplished in May 2023 Jected Rivals is a Online Multiplayer Game, where each Player participates in multiple different modes like the car race, glider race, crash derby and target point, distance jump mode any many more. The goal is to gain as many points or be as fast as possible, so you are not getting eliminated and can reach the final day to participate in the final race.

During my time on this project I was part of a team of 3 Programmers that mainly worked on this Project.

My Responsibilities

  • DevOps
    • Teamcity automation pipeline
    • PlayFab configurations
  • Gameplay Feature Implementation
    • Progression System
    • Customization Enhancements
    • Required implementations for new modes
    • etc.
  • UI Implementations
    • Menus for Character Customization
    • Leaderboard
    • Rebuilding Main Menu
    • certain loading screens
    • etc.
  • Implement DLC support
  • Implementations for Animations
  • Setting up new Characters/Customizations
  • Restructuring internal Framework to be Platform independent for future console ports
  • Publish Updates & Hotfixes for live-supported game
  • IT support for co-workers
  • Bug-fixing

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