About me

Hi, I’m Jan, a calm night owl and Game Developer.

I grew up in Wolfsberg/Austria. After secondary school I went to Villach to a technical college, where I began my career as a Programmer. After the showcase of my first little game, I noticed the glowing eyes of the children, which were playing my game. From this moment on I wanted to become a Professional Game-Developer. So I went to the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences to improve my programming skills towards Game-Development

I want to make people happy by creating worlds.

Apart from Programming

Of course I’m a gamer too. I love to explore unknown worlds and getting to know stories I never heared before. Besides that, I also enjoy evenings with my friends, battling for the win of the day. Also since 2020 I am DMing and playing Dungeons and Dragons with some friends of mine.

Without cooking, watching movies and sleeping as long as possible, life wouldn’t be how it should be :)


This are the Projects I am most proud of:

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