Trash Patrol

Trash Patrol

Trash Patrol is a cooperative multiplayer game. You break into a house and steal predetermined items together with your raccoon friends. Before you can trash the items into the trash can, you need to wash them and blow them dry, using the clouds nearby. To get to higher locations, as well as during the washing and drying of the items, a friend needs to give you a hand. Be carefull tough, the resident of this home is not amused to see you within their home.

Trash Patrol was developed by our team of 7 people: 2 Programmer and 5 Artists during our masters degree at the Salzburg Univercity of Applied Sciences. Our first semester consists of creating a playable prototype. In the second and third semester we started with a new codebase, changed the main concept from our prototype to the currently one and released it on on February 2022. In our 4th semester we polished our game furthermore. We also released our final version on steam on 17th May 2022.

According to the statistics of steam, Trash Patrol has over 156.000 Lifetime total units and over 83.000 Lifetime unique users. (date: 18th June 2023)


  • Project Management
  • Programming
    • Raccoon Character
      • Finite State Machine
      • Character Abilities
    • Game Mechanics
      • Washing/Drying Cloud
      • Item Collection
      • Camera Movement
    • UI Implementation
    • Code Reviews
  • Cooperation with VFX/Shader Artists
  • DevOps


DevCom 2022

Our Team had the opportunity to show our game at the NRW Indie Expo during the DevCom in 2022. We were able to show our game on the twitch-stream and collected a lot of feedback and congratulations from developers on site. Because we decided to give the game away for free, it felt like a gift for our hard work.

Video & Pictures


Dev-Talk of our Project Team with Gameplay Footage

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