Catori, a 13 year old girl needs to get her magical flute back to escape from the world of the trickster. Together with her partner Alo, a little whisp, she is going to achive everything.

Catori is a 3D platformer with collectathon aspects. It is a single player experience with the goal to immerse to player into the mystical world Catoris adventure takes place in. At the beginning of the vertical slice Catori wakes up in the world of the Trickster. As a punishment for entering his realm without permission he steals her pan flute – her only way to get out of his realm again.

Together with Alo, the little will-o’-wisp you have to explore the realm of the Trickster to get back your pan flute and find the melody parts that open the gates to another world.

This was the final project in our 6th semester for our bachelors degree. The Main development phase was from January 2020 to May 2020, but my programming-parnter and I started with the codebase in our 5th semester.


  • Character Movement
  • Implementing Event-System for our GameDesigner
  • Unity Editor Scripts
  • UI
  • Savegame Implementation
  • DevOps

Video & Pictures


Dev-Talk of our Project Team with Gameplay Footage

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